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Covid_19 shook things up quite a bit! …. But is dust settling in the right spaces?The shock of change and the panic of the unknown was enough to get most people questioning, searching and becoming enlightened, not only to family and business, but community, country and global matters. We became enlightened about health, trends and future prospects. We prepared for and implemented changes in response to our need for certainty. 
Others, hid their heads and hoped that it would be over soon so that they could get back to normal, while wondering, will our normal be the same?So, what has really changed?
1. We became enlightened.With the search for information, and the jolting changes, a lot has been exposed. i.e.: corruption, politics, relationships, systems, communities and strengths we didn’t know we had. Truths and Values have been brought into light, making people question what is real and what is not. The blanket of complacency was lifted and exposed both positive and negative aspects in our society. We made changes in decisions regarding, where we live, how to make a living, where to school our children, where to purchase our goods.2. We realized that we can live with lessSalaries were cut, Finance was limited, Credit virtually impossible despite promises of help and considerations by government, landlords and banks. Jobs were reduced, work became more, business decisions halted. Accountabilities shifted based on assumptions regarding a National disaster. A fear settled in that debtors wont’ pay. Some businesses closed, others opened taking advantage of the changes, whether the need served, was short term or not. Others with capital took advantage of the closures to secure territory. Expenses were cut and we realized that we could do with less than what we had before.3. We became creativeOur thoughts were directed at solutions to solve immediate problems. We created new concepts and in some instances change business direction completely. We removed from our lives and businesses things that were once weighing us down, and re-evaluated what we were doing and how. We looked for new opportunities and exposed ourselves to things we wouldn’t have been brave enough to do before.4. We became community consciousWe sought community and support. We learned to look outward and GIVE. We looked for things that brought us together and in some cases those things that divided us. We agreed, we disagreed, went public with our opinions. Social platforms became a necessary tool for information, transformation and trend.5. We realized the impact of technology on our businesses
We identified that what we had put off for the future is necessary now. We realized that there is an online economy and this was an open playing field. Although not something we may have been familiar with we started asking the questions, “how will technology improve my business?” We identified the complexities of not knowing enough. Some may not yet have investigated technologies for fear of the unknown and stuck to what they do know. And others have followed blindly what others have told them, sometimes good and sometimes not.
However, The Blanket of Complacency sets itself down again
The urgency has faded. Although there is still “imminent threat” we figure we can survive the next wave as we have done the first…. Or are we convinced that the next wave won’t come? Creditors are catching up, unemployment and crime rates are high, sales are irregular. Yet, we find comfort in the deceptive “Normal” as we cling to it for rest and comfort.1. We stop listening to the news2. We fall into our old spending habits, unknowingly3. We find comfort in the known4. We have no need for community and become self-centered5. Technology is tomorrows challenge, I’ve learned what I needed toSo we delay in decisions and weigh our risks carefully in the hope that change won’t come again soon!
Keeping Momentum
No matter the positives we have seen, to embrace ongoing change, human beings need to spend energy. Are we tired? Have we exhausted our capacity? Complacency is our biggest enemy, when it comes to business. Don’t let your need for the “Normal” rob from you all that you have achieved in Change. Keep your momentum and progress, because the slippery slope backward is steep!

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