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Care for your business systems and IT Infrastructure is our top priority

With IT controlling the majority of business processes and businesses becoming increasingly reliant on technology to function, BuzZ recognizes the value of redundancy. We take great care to give your company with only what it requires and in the most efficient manner possible!

Choose us for trust, service & simplicity

We are a full-service online support company that specializes in Digital Solutions and IT infrastructure assistance. Our objective is to keep technology easy, and our passion is to help your company enter the Digital Revolution. BuzZ brings your business online with a unique blend of IT and marketing talents, making you more efficient, successful, and competitive in a hard environment. The constant desire to improve business and increase performance places additional strain on present business processes and technology infrastructure, which must be carefully built. This means that companies must consider how they will achieve their strategic goals in such a way that they can optimize their infrastructure and resources, as well as make strategic judgments concerning the core and non-core businesses and the influence on their day-to-day operations.

I can't imagine world without free Internet

I've known Heather for years and she is always a call away, when I need her. Problem solving and support is her strength!

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Heather Veldhuis, Chief Operating Officer of BuzZ Group. Heather has 8 years of HR Systems Consulting and 10 years business owner experience. Her studies in Industrial Psychology and Sociology, brought together with Business and Software Consulting places her strongly in the space of Digital Business Development and Process consulting. Sourcing the technologies that are fit for purpose, that enable, leverage and propel business forward to meet objectives faster and stronger is her “Super Power.

We're here to assist you!

Alan Veldhuis, BuzZ Group’s Managing Director. Alan has multiple IT qualifications and certifications, keeping him updated in the fast-changing IT scene. He has 27 years of IT experience in the hospitality industry, including exposure to gaming, systems, and hardware infrastructures at the executive level. As Co-Owner of a business for 10 years together with his corporate insights, positions him as an advisory and professional on all Infrastructure Projects.

“IT, systems, software, and social media channels are all difficult to understand. We attempt to make the procedure as simple as possible so you don’t have to worry.” Veldhuis, Heather

Buzz Group offers a set of business solutions and consulting services that give organizations access to reliable, real-time data, allowing them to achieve strategic business goals while expanding user knowledge and increasing overall productivity.

“Alan and Heather is a formidable team! Their many years of being involved with a variety of businesses gives them a depth of perception that is invaluable.”


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